10 Reasons Why Black Cats are my Favorite

I have always been an animal lover.  And while I absolutely adore dogs, I would consider myself a cat person.  With my entire mom’s side of the family and many of my friends also being cat people, I have had many different breeds and colors of cats in my life.  But there is one color in particular that I have come to favor, black cats and here are the reasons why.

  1. The naming opportunities are unmatched.  Anytime someone adds a member to their family, whether human or animal, much thought is put into the name (or it should be).  One of the best parts of naming an animal versus a human is that you can get extremely creative.  There’s no worry that they’ll hate their name.  My two black beauties are named Binx and Halloween who we call Holly.  While on our journey to naming these babes we had many ideas: Salem, Onyx, Noir, Midnight, Toothless, Shadow, Nacht, Nox, and many more.  The process was extra joyful because of the added black cat themed names we threw around.
  2. Their undercoats make them look gorgeous in the sunlight.  Both of my babies have a red undercoat which gives them an amazing auburn color when the sun hits them just the right way.  I always love watching their fur change as they grow older.


    Binx showing off her undercoat

  3. Water isn’t really a problem.  Now, I’m sure this isn’t true for all black cats but both Binx and Holly don’t mind water.  Which makes it amazing if they happen to catch fleas or get into something sticky that requires a bath for removal.
  4. They seem to be more loving.  Even though I believe all cats are special with their very own personalities, there is something different about black cats that makes them very loyal.  My bonds with my black cats versus all of the other cats I’ve adopted is much stronger.


    Binx enjoying photobombing my book fairy photo shoot.

  5. It’s like owning a little furry ninja.  If you’ve ever seen a cat hunt then you know they are very stealthy creatures.  However, black cats have one additional advantage – they blend into everything.  Now this may sound counterintuitive but let me give you an example.  For a very long time I had a white fleece blanket instead of a comforter and I cannot even tell you how many times I came home looking for Binx and couldn’t find her anywhere.  Then when I finally looked at the bed again she was laying in a ball right on top of the white blanket.  How I missed her, no idea.  They just blend in.


    From left to right: Zoey (currently 16), Samantha (resting in paradise), and Binx (currently 9) sleeping together in one the few coldish months we have in California.

  6. They are great subjects in photography.  I will be the first to admit that black cats are not easy to take photos of.  But when you get the right lighting they are gorgeous.  It also helps that both of my girls love the camera.


    Holly enjoying a lazy day on the couch.

  7. Your cool points increase with your friends.  Every time a new friend finds out that I’ve adopted black cats they always react similarly, “That’s super cool!”


    Holly with a big yawn that ended up looking like a great laugh.

  8. Superstitious people will steer clear of your home.  We let both of our girls hang out on the patio of our upstairs apartment and it’s always funny to hear some of the people’s comments when they notice we have black cats.  Honestly, anyone who thinks they’re bad luck hasn’t spent enough time around them.
  9. They are completely adorable.  See photo below.  Enough said.


    Holly posing for the camera.

  10. By adopting one you’re saving a life.  In America black cats are adopted the least out of all colors (I believe this is also true with dogs).  If you are considering adding a furry member to your family don’t overlook the miniature panther in the corner.  They are beautiful creatures and grow to be even more gorgeous.  Please just remember to keep them safe, especially on Halloween.

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